Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Travel Photography : Kuala Lumpur

Finally, i'm finished doing my travel photography in KL after my first
photoshoot rejected by my lecturer. Owh it feels like death (-_-').
And right now, i've come back with new travel photography !!!
Yeah and here is it :

Location : Around Bangunan Sultan Abd Samad, Dataran Merdeka,
Pasar Seni and Masjid Jamek

Wow, the 'wau' is really whOa ! <-- extremely amazed because first time
being there (u_u)


....is under maintainance

right at the time...hehehe (n_@)

always crowded (-_-') i hate it

wanna watching Hindi movies?

Hurry up before we get caught ! (n_@)

Errr..dude, maybe you need to wear cute teddy bear costume to get
customers (-_-')

Okay that's all thank Q (n_n) and owh i wanna thanked to my Mr. Hot
because he's willing to accompany me done this photoshoot and haha
he's like a tourist guide. (n_n) thanx !

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