Sunday, 1 January 2012

It's 2012 Fireworks !

Happy New Year to all people ! Wishing you all the best and hoping
you'll improve yourself to be better one :) I advice myself too~ hehe

So, I do not celebrate new year and never celebrate it because for
me it is just A new year, nothing special about it. So, i've just been
at my hostel, and the best thing is from there, I actually can see the
fireworks as celebration for the new year's eve at somewhere in
nearer area (n_n)

But unlucky because i was too late and only got this image :(

Hehe, like a flower :) okay that's all thank Q for visited !

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Travel Photography : Kuala Lumpur

Finally, i'm finished doing my travel photography in KL after my first
photoshoot rejected by my lecturer. Owh it feels like death (-_-').
And right now, i've come back with new travel photography !!!
Yeah and here is it :

Location : Around Bangunan Sultan Abd Samad, Dataran Merdeka,
Pasar Seni and Masjid Jamek

Wow, the 'wau' is really whOa ! <-- extremely amazed because first time
being there (u_u) under maintainance

right at the time...hehehe (n_@)

always crowded (-_-') i hate it

wanna watching Hindi movies?

Hurry up before we get caught ! (n_@)

Errr..dude, maybe you need to wear cute teddy bear costume to get
customers (-_-')

Okay that's all thank Q (n_n) and owh i wanna thanked to my Mr. Hot
because he's willing to accompany me done this photoshoot and haha
he's like a tourist guide. (n_n) thanx !

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Ash Azizan

Introduced my beautiful friend and firstly, Mr. Hot and I wanna thanked
her very much because of her willingness to be our model and gave
good co-operation along the photoshoot. And now, let me share those
photo to my dearest readers :)

During the make up process :
make up done by Ecah, thanx a lot !

Photoshoot :

uiks...that hand ?

Alrite, that's all thank Q :) for Mr. Hot, we've done it successfully !
Congratulation to us (n_n) hahaha

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Event Photography

Location : Star Hill
Event : Lauching Ceremony For Batik Is My Soul
VIP : Jovian Mandagie
(Famous Malaysian Fashion Designer)

Here's the designer; Jovian Mandagie

The friendly receptionist :)

It's all about batik and his contemporary design

Very Important Person Line

gorgeous heels decoration inspired by butterfly

another glamorous heels

and the catchy clutches and handbags ! Those are adorable

and last but not least, the food ! :D

That's all, thank Q :)

Street Photography

Forgive me cause i'm late updating this street photography
in my blog, luckily i've consulted with Encik Sabki :)

Location : Mallacca

It was downpour and everybody just can stand up and waiting with
varietry of style. It an advantages for me actually..hehehe :p

Is it her or her's grandfather stick?

the sincerely...

Beautiful Korean girl......(are you sure she's really a korean girl lynn?)

Opz, the lady noticed I took of her photo....errr (-_-') I'll quicklysteps
away from them with innocent face..................pretend doing nothing

sweet Korean couple......owh again lynn, are you sure they are
Korean people..........? (-_-')

and then i saw this mysterious guy..........(X-Files music)
he's walking around, looked so lonely, gloomy and absolutely........
MYSTERIOUS~~~~~~~~~~ (u_u) <--- really confident

It's was rained on that day, and suddenly we're meet this musician.
And also suddenly he's took out his violin and ask us what song?
(-_-') errrr........(he gave me the list of songs to be choose) and I..
errrr again...what kind of songs is? I don't even recognize one except
for the Titanic song (-_-') so, i chose it. Then he started to play it nicely...
FOR US....but I remind you, that's not free...huhu~~~

Then he became soO friendly and let me play the violin :
Okay, that was only action...pretending like i'm the real musician~

Finally, the scene of Mallacca :
Kebaya Nyonya really famous in Mallacca :) It costs hundred and more
Ringgit, too expensive and i could even buy one..haha : |
Okay that's my experience in Mallacca. Next update i will sharing
the photos during my travel photoshoot around KL :) Wait for it !

That's all thank Q :)